Friday, May 27, 2011

Websites for Apprentice Candidates

4 episodes in, this year's series of The Apprentice is shaping up well.  The big change this year is that the winner does not have to join Lord Sugar's company, but instead will win investment from him in their company.

This seems like a much better idea.  The odd part of The Apprentice was the idea that these super-entrepreneurial people would want to slot into a large organisation and leave their own projects behind.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the businesses that this year's candidates run, by doing some searches.

Surprisingly six of the remaining 12 don't have their own sites, and don't run their own businesses.  For example Vincent Disneur is a Sales Executive for Tespest Technology, and Natasha Scribbins is a Senior International Manager at KOBALTT.

However six are self employed with their own online presence (Plus Helen Milligan has her own site).  In alphabetical order:

Edna Agbarha - human resources

Ellie Reed - recruitment for the construction industry.  Ellie is the E in A+E Construction

Leon Doyle - an online takeaway service, a bit like Hungry House - an ecommerce site selling plimsolls - cheap phone calls - his own site, pulling together all the activities

Melody Hossaini - a skills and training consultancy - her own site

Susan Ma - natural cosmetics and skincare - her own site

Helen Milligan - her own site

Tom Pellereau - his own site, showcasing his inventions.

Finally, Felicity Jackson, fired this week, has two sites: - development and training for actors - helping actors change the direction of their careers

All of the websites are pretty good.  Leon is probably the most savvy online, with his 3 sites, all focussing on different ideas.  Two others promote their own brand - Melody and Tom.  (Update - Susan Ma has one as well)

Assuming that only one of the twelve will win (although the new rules would make it easier for Lord Sugar to let two win, and invest in both), it's surprising that the others haven't done much to promote themselves.  

All candidates get their PR done by Taylor Herring as part of the package of being on the show, but surely having your own identity and mechanism for people to contact you is a better way to work.

(All candidates are also on LinkedIn; none are on twitter - they aren't allowed - although Leon's company Master Menu is running promotions around the show on Twitter)

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