Sunday, March 25, 2012

Websites for Apprentice Candidates 2012

I love The Apprentice.  It's an endlessly entertaining show.  Last year I wrote a post looking at the websites of the different candidates, the point being that under the new rules Lord Sugar is looking for a business to invest in, rather than an employee, so it's interesting to look at their current businesses.  Last year I spotted Tom's potential as a winner, because his site listed some interesting businesses and ideas.

So here we go for 2012.  As before, candidates are forbidden from tweeting while the show is in progress, because it was all filmed months ago, and clearly they are likely to give things away  (Update - 23rd April - lots of them are tweeting, so I've added their Twitter accounts).  However they are allowed to have websites, and many do, from their current businesses.  It's surprising that more don't have sites; the people are appearing on a TV show that will be seen by about 8m people a week, so it's best to control your own image, rather than letting the newspapers and other sites do it.

Adam Corbally - he's a greengrocer, offering services like veg boxes - also, LinkedIn, Twitter

Azhar Siddique - LinkedIn, also Twitter

Duane Bryan - he runs Drinks Designer, which lets you design the contents and packaging for bottles, for gifts etc - also, LinkedIn, Twitter

Gabrielle Omar - 'website coming soon' - also, LinkedIn, Twitter

Jade Nash - LinkedIn, Twitter

Jane McEvoy - McAvoy Family Foods

Jenna Whittingham - Facebook page for Beauty & the Boutique, Twitter

Katie Wright - Personal site, plus LinkedIn

Laura Hogg - Bridal company (as Laura Reece), plus a personal page, Twitter

Maria O’Connor - The restaurant that she runs, apparently

Michael Copp - Bedroom & Kitchen Designs - plus Twitter

Nick Holzherr - several online businesses, including QRky (QR business cards) & Foodient advertising & apps around food and recipes - also, LinkedIn, Twitter
***Plus - Nick's 'recipe app' Whisk***

Ricky Martin - LinkedIn - plus a video of him wrestling - & Twitter

Stephen Brady - LinkedIn only

Tom Gearing - a wine investment business - also, LinkedIn, Twitter

Bilyana Apostolova - nothing found

On the basis of this, I think my money is on either Nick, or Tom!

(Have I missed any?  Let me know in the comments!)


alranson said...

Looks like Nick is tweeting....!

@nickholzherr Hilarious edit tonight, haven't laughed this much watching the #bbcapprentice before. #cringe 12 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

Dan said...

Ah - I'm guessing he hasn't won then!

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