Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coca Cola's 'Ahh' Sites

I love this new initiative from Coca Cola.

They have a new theme of 'Ahh' - how you feel after drinking a Coke.  They've bought the url, but also, and so on.  Each is something designed to make you go 'Ahh'.

Each site features something weird and wonderful, for example:

Silly quizzes (Cat or Not Cat?)

Silly gifs (Cats in Coke Boxes - which is also a Tumblr)

Games (Coke Rocket)

& even an endless 'Ahh'

& that's just from 10 minutes of exploration.

Apparently there are 61 different sites, although many of them are currently pages asking for visitors to submit their own ideas.

Really engaging, and really well done.

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