Monday, October 30, 2006

Moleskine - A Brand Online

Moleskine is a good example of a brand that lives well online.

Moleskine notebooks were used in the past by writers like Ernest Hemmingway and Bruce Chatwin, but ceased production in 1986. The brand was revived in 1998, and now has a very loyal, niche set of customers.

This love is very well expressed online.

The official website
(including this great 'stories' section, and a link to this exhibition of Moleskine notebooks)

Fan Blog Moleskinerie (one of many)

Moleskine Hacks - how to use your Moleskine more effectively

>11,000 photos on Flickr

A MySpace group

& 20 videos on MySpace

& an average of 40 blog posts a day recorded by Technorati

The power of a brand with dedicated fans

(More here, in a blog post from Mike Stopforth)

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