Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ben & Jerry's on the Jelly App

Jelly is the new app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.  You sign in and connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then ask questions which your contacts (if they also have Jelly) can try to answer.  It's potentially useful for local queries ('does anyone know what this new restaurant is going to be?') but as with most things like this no one really knows what it will turn into in the long run.  At the moment it's quite good fun - a nice diversion.

Brands are joining in - this is a question that Ben & Jerry's asked:

& one of the answers.

According to this article other brands have also got involved, including Carphone Warehouse, Asda, and Nandos, and GE have also done this well

As with lots of things like this you can argue that it's not going to sell much product - but it's also very cheap for brands to get involved, and it's a nice way of interacting with potential consumers

Update - a couple of Nando's Jelly examples

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