Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Location-based targeting examples

Three good examples spotted last week:

Mondelez' Stride gum on mapping app Waze - ad appears if person has been static for 3 or so seconds, within a geo-fenced area

“Stride partnered with mobile navigational application Waze last year with a campaign that doled out mobile coupons to consumers that could be redeemed at retailers including Target and Kum & Go.
The pilot last year took place in California and Illinois with some successful initial results that are now being rolled out more broadly.
Per Ms. Moens, the main learning from the Stride pilot program is that there is an ability to influence shopping behavior from mobile, and it is a tactic that the brand will use going forward.
Stride also leveraged rich media takeover ads that automatically pop up when Waze detects that a consumer has been still for three seconds or more within roughly a six mile geofenced location.
According to Jordan Grossman, senior director of sales at Waze, Mountain View, CA, the average click-through rate on a pin button is about .3 percent. Three percent of consumers in Mondelēz's campaign clicked through to get directions to a store and were also served a rich media ad.
Going forward, the Stride and Waze campaign is being rolled out a bit to include additional retail locations.”

Heineken uses Foursquare to connect with US fans of the Champions League when they visit certain bars - checkin to get the chance to win prizes, inc a trip to Europe

"Connect your Foursquare account with Heineken for your chance to Match Your Half Ticket daily and win UEFA Champions League signed memorabilia and Heineken prizes. The more you check in, the better your chances to win. (And we’ll create a map that shows the most active fans across the country!)
Fans name their team allegiance so you can see which teams are the most popular across the US, and track the competition between cities. You can also find which local bars and restaurants are popular with each club’s supporters.
One lucky person from the city with the most active fans will win a trip to Europe with two of their friends to see a UEFA Champions League match in person during the 2014-2015 season (courtesy of Heineken.)"

"It goes almost without saying that Pinterest has a massive opportunity to drive e-commerce and offline retail transactions. The question for Pinterest is how deeply it wants to coordinate with retailers. I would argue the more integrated the better for all parties.
There’s quite a significant local opportunity for Pinterest, but that’s really another discussion. For now, you can see the power of this example and being able to direct users to local stores and even specific locations within the store.
This is in many ways the fulfillment of what I’ve been writing about for a decade.

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