Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yahoo Tech Buzz Game

Yahoo have hit on a good way to promote their new Buzz Index - the Tech Buzz Game.

The Buzz Index is a score of how many searches a particular term gets on Yahoo over time - which acts as an indicator of things coming into, and going out of fashion. It's just like Google's Zeitgeist, but updated more regularly.

When you sign up to the game you have to predict which trends will soon become more popular, and bet virtual money on it.

For example:

- You're bullish on podcasting; you buy shares of PODCAST stock
- Britney announces her next single will be delivered exclusively via podcast
- Curious tweens everywhere flood Yahoo! with searches about podcasting
- Your shares skyrocket; you make a bundle

Obviously very similar to Celebdaq and Popex but a great idea to promote the Buzz index. For the record I think that the iPod still has a lot of life left in it...

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