Tuesday, November 21, 2006

House Prices

Sometimes you forget how useful the simplest things are...

My colleague Dale is thinking of buying a flat in the block in which he's currently renting. I showed him this site (www.houseprices.co.uk) and he was staggered - all of the transaction prices for all the properties in his postcode, neatly presented, and for free. Data only goes back to 2000, but that's long enough to get an idea.

& they've even added a Google Maps mashup. All giving the home buyer lots of bargaining power.

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House Prices Guru said...

Old post - but thought worth commenting on. If that astounded him, he should check out Zoopla, which has the house prices data from Land Reg and G Maps mashup, but also MS Birds Eye view of your front door and a current property value estimate for any house in the UK. Can be a bit depressing in current climate of course.

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