Monday, November 05, 2007

Boots & Beer

Going through my links from my holiday, I found this - the annual Boots & Beer Walking Festival, organised by the Black Sheep Brewery in North Yorkshire.

Pretty simple concept - a weekend of walking and drinking, raising money for good causes. Sponsored by Country Walking Magazine, this looks like a lot of fun. More than 300 took part, and along with the walking they had a pub quiz (hooray!), and a folk evening. You can keep your Innocent Village Fete!

Black Sheep is one of my favourite breweries not just for the beer, but for their independent spirit (they started when the founder Paul Theakston left the family brewer Theakson after they were taken over by S&N in the late 1980s). The keep up the tradition of doing special deition beers, and it's always good to see their beers in pubs and supermarkets in the South.

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