Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen... But not necessarily in that order

At the recent I-COM conference in Barcelona there was a discussion of the concept of Engagement, and what it means in relation to advertising and media. At the conference there were up to 25 different definitions of it, so I thought I'd add another.

For me Vanilla Ice described it well, but he got the order wrong. Engaging digital ads make you Stop what you're doing, Listen to the message, and Collaborate, in terms of either getting involved by responding, or by forwarding or recommending it to a friend.

On a slightly more measurable level, and looking at delivery, measurement providers like comScore and Nielsen should allow you to see not just the average (mean) time spent per user on the site, but also the mode (most common time spent) and the median (mid point of all times spent) on the site.

This is because the mean is often skewed by extreme numbers (on MySpace, according to Nielsen many of the users visit for less than ten seconds, as they do not go past the login page), while a very small number will be on for more than 20 hours per month.

The average does take account of this, but but the mode and the media add extra dimensions.

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