Thursday, August 07, 2008

Adam and Joe's Songwars

The power of fans!

Adam and Joe, two British comedians, do a slot on their digital radio show called Songwars. Each of them writes a song to an agreed theme each week, and the listeners then vote on the best.

To promote a Songwars compilation appearing on iTunes, they announced this competition to listeners - make a video of Meatballs (Joe) or Jane's Brain (Adam), and put it up on YouTube.

It's a testiment to their popularlity that so many have been made (the prize is pretty meaningless - that's part of the joke) - and you can see many of them here.

(One of the perils of these sorts of competitions is that often very few people enter. I can think of one example - film yourself doing a silly dance and put it on YouTube - where there were less than 5 entries.)

I think my favourites are:


Jane's Brain

Oh - and this second Jane's Brain one, with lots of Adam & Joe in-jokes

PS - Stephen!

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