Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Agile' news coverage

Two examples of British TV news reporting from the recent riots.  Both are famous; I'm hardly first to post these, but they're both very good examples of how the best correspondents can report the news with the advent of new technology.

First, Mark Stone of Sky News, filming on his phone, and then uploaded to YouTube.  Mark Stone lives near Clapham Junction, and when he heard about the trouble he went down to investigate on his own, as a newspaper journalist would have done, but able to film, not just describe, what he saw.  This was then broadcast on TV.

Second, Upinder Randhawa of the Birmingham local digital TV station Sangat Television, reporting the riots in Birmingham from the back of a van.  I was watching the riots unfold on TV when people started to tweet about it, and like lots of others I deserted the BBC to watch this live on Sky channel 847.  This clip was later re-shown on terrestiral TV by the main channels.

PS - yes, I hate the word 'agile' too - it's become very over-used in the industry - but it seemed a good way of describing these two examples.

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