Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Prometheus Twitter TV Ad in Homeland

Sunday night saw a UK TV first, created by some colleagues in the UK for our client Fox to promote the film Prometheus.

When the first break came in Homeland, the Channel 4 announcer introduced a showing of the new trailer for Prometheus, and asked people to tweet reactions using the hashtag #areyouseeingthis

Then Homeland started again, for a comparatively long segment.  When the second ad break came, the first ad was tweeted reactions to the trailer shown 20 minutes earlier, taken from people using the hashtag.

Clearly all of the tweets shown were moderated - we all know how this works, and how it can be abused!

My photos aren't great, but you get the idea.  Really good stuff, and nice to see something done for the first time.

Zeebox were also involved - you could tweet when you used the service on the Homeland page, and Zeebox has been given an exclusive screening for 100 of its users, plus one would win the chance to go to the world premiere of the film, which is clearly a *great* prize.

Update - The Wall has some stats:

"According to Twitter on Sunday alone, there were 24,921 Tweets that mentioned #areyouseeingthis or Prometheus. And the promoted Tweet was retweeted more than 750 times.
According to a spokeswoman for Twitter:  “We love how they included Tweets in the creation of the TV content… using Twitter to impact the ending or content of a programme or ad is a huge opportunity that is just starting to be explored.”"

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