Friday, January 30, 2015

Carlsberg's #BarBandits in-pub game

New from Carlsberg is this in-bar game:

#BarBandits by Carlsberg from Konstellation on Vimeo.

Carlsberg beer taps were wifi-enabled, to that they could connect with a large screen in the bar.  Patrons would upload an Instagram picture with the tag #BarBandits and the name of the bar.  Your picture would then appear on the screen in the bar, and when the bar staff pulled the Carlsberg tap, a 'fruit machine' style game started; if your pic came up in a run of 3 you won a free pint.

(But you have to overlook the line 'if there's one thing that makes the bar a bar it's the Carslberg beer tap'...)

(& the fact that if you look for #BarBandits on Instagram there are only 148 pics...)

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