Friday, January 29, 2016

Twitter Trends

Today #KanyeAnalPlaylist was trending on Twitter.  This helps to explain why

This sums up for me what is simultaneously the best and worst thing about Twitter.

The best - it's funny, irreverent, unpredictable, and gives me things I can't find anywhere else

The Worst - I can think of lots of people who wouldn't find this funny, and would see it as conforming for them that Twitter isn't a site for them, and isn't a site they need to take seriously.

It often amuses me that Facebook's trends are what was trending on Twitter 24 hours earlier - Amber Rose is trending now, but her tweet was from 2 days ago - but maybe they're moderated and I'mpretty sure they're less prone to attacks of the crazies like this.

With twitter's share price looking like a ski slope, I hope that it can stay as irreverent and funny as ever, but be successful as a business.

(But to be fair, Twitter has turned the trend into a Moment)

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