Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Banner Campaign Leads to More Searches

A very interesting study conducted by Yahoo and HarrisDirect.

Harris Direct, a financial advertiser ran a banner campaign and search test, using an exposed and a contraol panel, to see if the presence of a banner campaign would affect the number of searches for a brand.

What they found was:
- Number of relevant searches was 61% higher among those exposed to the campaign
- Clicks on sponsored results leading to theHarris.com site were 249% higher
- As a result of both, the exposed panel clicked on 139% more links (PPC & SEO combined) than the unexposed sample.

Clearly more reserach needs to be done. This is very encouraging however, in terms of backing up what we have always argued as the indirect effect of banner campaigns, and the need to track effects using post impression as well as post click metrics.

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