Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jimmy Choo's Foursquare treasure hunt

This is a really fun way of using Foursquare.

Jimmy Choo have set up a Foursquare account, Twitter account and Facebook page for 'CatchaChoo'

They regularly move around London, checking in to Foursquare, and placing a pair of trainers nearby and posting pictures on twitter.

If anyone can find the trainers and the representative while they're still there, and confront them with the phrase "I've been following you", they get to win a pair of trainers.

I really like this because it's very straightforward, very low tech, and doesn't really need much planning or coordination. & it's fun!

Update - As Rog points out in the comments, this is similar to something done by Host for Levi's in Australia last year - only Levi's coordinated through twitter, and the Levi's reps had to hand over the jeans that they were wearing!

Another thought - does the Jimmy Choo rep get paid to visit certain places? Or at least free food and drinks? With nearly 900 followers on twitter it could drive a lot of people to the venues!

Update - 13th May - CatchAChoo was caught yesterday. Full story here. Jimmy Choo have announced that they will be repeating the game in other countries.


Rog said...

This is possibly a copy of Australia's Levi's twitter campaign called "I Spy Levis". There's a video here if you want to have a look

Dan said...

Thanks so much for that. Great spot!

chewinthefatfish said...

Bugger me, I laughed at a good looking pair of trainers lying in the street the other day. Were they Choos..?

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