Tuesday, August 08, 2006

YouTube Getting Commercial - Ad for The Pulse

Signs that YouTube is getting more commercial - there's a trailer for The Pulse, a new film from dimension Films, part of The Weinstein Company, on the homepage this morning.

So far, at 10.30 UK time, it's had 57,000 views, and 190 comments.

Most of users don't seem to notice that this is an ad, and most of the comments are positive, but there are a few negative posts about the trailer, this being typical: "WTF? get this sh!t off of my front page, taking up too much room."

Other commenters, trextor for example, point out that this is far better than putting ads on the the videos - a move that I certainly don't agree with given that none of the content is screened, and advertisers don't really want their ads appearing on Crawley Kids in Tilgate Park (or far worse).

UPDATE - Ten hours later the trailer had been viewed 195,000 times, and had 350 comments. This made it the 4th most viewed video on YouTube today - how much would a brand pay for that?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Up to 400,000 views now by 12 noon UK time... rapid.

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