Friday, August 24, 2007

Travel Resources Pt 2

I'm now back from my travels, and I've got a couple of things to add to this...

1 - Once at your destination pick up any fliers you can to find great nights out, espcially those that have URLs on them, then look to see if the places any good. also buy listings mags - many of these are still far more comprehensive in printed form than online.

As an comment on this, and also the Delicious search tips that I put in last time, you can se why places that want to appeal to the public need an address online.

For example, it's easier for me to recommend The Bird, a buger bar in Berlin (best burger I've ever had) because it's got a website. Similarly Kaffee Burger, a great venue, where I saw an Elvis tribute act on Elvis' "30th Deathday".

But it's much harder for me to recommend The Live & Let Live, the best pub in Cambridge, as it has no web presence. OK, I can link to these sorts of sites, but this info is not controlled by the pub, and given that the pub usually has about ten different draught beers on offer, there is no shortage of stuff that they could put up.

2 - Sometimes you can't get online, so mobile services like AQA can be a godsend. I never tried it for 'what's the best gig on tonight in Hamburg' but it was great for train times at short notice.

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