Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bear Cottage, Marsett

This is totally off-topic, but I wanted to give a quick plug for a cottage that I stayed in on holiday last week.

Bear Cottage in Marsett is the nicest holiday accomodation I've ever stayed in. Normally with holiday cottages you get tatty old furniture - basically the stuff that the owners don't want in their own houses any more. Bear Cottage is full of brand new, tasteful stuff (beds, sofas, tables, TV, kitchen), and beautifully decorated throughout.

It is a converted cow shed, but the conversion gave the owners to flexibility to get everything the way they wanted it, so the downstairs is very much like an upmarket studio, while the 3 bedrooms upstairs are very snug and cosy.

The location is good too - in North Yorkshire, near to Hawes, and within easy striking distance of both the Yorkshire moors and the Lake District. I can't recommend it enough! (But I should warn you that it has no internet connection, and no mobile reception!)

Let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment if you'd like to know how to book.


Anonymous said...

The cottage looks lovely Dan.

Just a quick question - does your blog background have to be black? It isn't like your colourful personality :)


Dan said...

Hi Simon!

It kind of came about by accident really, but I like it. Most blogs have lots of white space, so this sets it apart a bit. Plus it's always easy to read.

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