Monday, January 07, 2008

The Great Football Giveaway

I saw a really interresting documentary on TV last week about The Great Football Giveaway.

A few years ago a guy on holiday in Africa saw some kids playing with a homemade ball, and wanted to give them a proper ball. Then he realised that it would be much better to take a whole consignment of balls over to Africa, and this is what he did.

Cynics like me might view this as pretty crass - they need food and drinking water, not footballs, and surely it smacks a bit of cultural imperialism - but no, if you see the film it's amazing how the kids react when you give them the balls.

They're now a registered charity. £10 buys a ball, delivered personally.

So far they've delivered two consignments of 3,000 balls to kids in Malawi and Angola (with associated pumps, values etc).

Watch part of the film here

Give a ball or more through paypal or Justgiving here

They're off to Uganda this summer - help out if you can.


Anonymous said...

the charity leaves pumps and associated values?

the mind boggles!

Dan said...

Hmmm - doesn't totally work - at least it wasn't 'eats, shoots and leaves'...

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