Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wishlist Buddy

File under 'things I didn't know existed, even though you probably did': I'm the sort of Amazon shopper who puts things he likes in his basket on a whim, then every so often splurges on stuff (payday, treating myself, etc). Whenever I go back to my shopping basket half of the stuff has gone up in price, and the other half has gone down. So why can't I have an alert to tell me when something I want (but not urgently) has become amazingly cheap?

Well, it seems that you can, but you need to use your Wishlist (a feature I've ignored until now), rather than your shopping basket.

Just log into Wishlist Buddy (other versions are available, I think), create an acount, link it to your Amazon, and then let it read your wishlist.

For example if you want to get Seven Samurai on DVD but you don't want to pay full price (or even 40% off) you put that into your wishlist, and then in the Wishlist Buddy you set the maximum price you're willing to pay. As soon as it drops to that price you get an email alert. You can even set it for 'New only' or 'New or Used'. Brilliant, and very simple.

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charlie g said...

that is a gooooood thing to know. Thanks Dan.

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