Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Everyone Loves the Asus EEE

I'm not a techy person really - I've only just updated my phone beyond the 'relatively embarassing' level, and the PC I use at home is now about 8 years old. But I am seriously considering getting one of the Asus EEE mini laptops because it seems that everyone who has one raves about it.

A couple of examples - I saw someone playing with one in the Cafe of the Wellcome Collection at the weekend, and he was very enthusiastic about it when I asked him, and then everywhere I look online it gets great reviews, on places where you would expect, like Amazon, but also on Flickr.

Any brand manager or market researcher would kill for this customer comment from kattebelletje on her Flickr page:

"I can recommend it highly! it is so tiny and cute. it works with wifi, then you have your free stuff pre-installed (firefox, open office, chat, skype etc) and it works really fast!
You can insert the memory card of any camera into a slot of this computer and it will 'read' your pictures. With the special flickr-uploading tool from this EEE's picture viewer it can upload pictures to your account. Great fun!"

(kattebelletje - hope you don't mind me linking to you - if you do let me know and I'll remove the link and quote. Thanks!)

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