Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm From Barcelona - 27 Songs from Barcelona

Following on from my post last week about new finance models in music, here's an interesting example from the Swedish band I'm from Barcelona:

In their own words:

"While touring around the world with their two latest releases “Let Me Introduce My Friends” (2006) and “Who Killed Harry Houdini” (2008) the members of I’m from Barcelona have been working on the upcoming “27 Songs from Barcelona”. Inspired by Kiss’ simultaneous release of four solo albums in 1978, “27 Songs from Barcelona” features one solo song for every member in I’m from Barcelona."

A new song becomes available for free download each day - so far 13 have been released. You can also listen to them before downloading.

You can also buy all songs on a triple vinyl album with art from each of the members - buy it here for €24.

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