Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's My Time - Benetton Global Casting competition

This is simple, and brilliant - Benetton are opening up the casting of their 2010 Fall/Winter catalogue. Simply upload a photo, build a profile with more information, and let the crowd decide.

The top 100 get to appear in Benetton's new book, plus €200 to go shopping. The top 20 go to New York to model for the new catalogue. (I'd love to enter, but I'm a going to be a bit busy this year. Although there are some great pubs in New York...)

It's not totally crowdsourced - a panel of judges pick the top 20 from the 100 chosen by the crowd, so they avoid the problems that Dr Martens had a couple of years ago.

This is an excellent campaign. So far over 4,000 entries have been received.


Andy Bell said...

Hey Dan,

Glad you like the site.

If you are interested, we are planning to write a few posts about the conception, design and development of the site on our blog:


andy said...

Please check my page its difficult to get honest votes

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