Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fiesta Movement hits stage 2

The Ford Fiesta is about 60 days away from it's US launch. Ford has been pioneering lots of social media approaches in this launch, under the banner of Fiesta Movement.

The first stage involved letting bloggers drive the cars and record their experiences. Stage 2, just launched, uses teams of two people in different cities around the US to create events for others to take part in.

This is the Detroit team looking at their Fiesta for the first time. "She needs a British name..."

In doing this they're focussing on location, and local inititives

Local - lots more online activity is now local, or location based. By setting up teams in different areas, they can get more people involved in the team that's local to them.

For example here's the profile of Vanae and Francis, the San Francisco Team

Location - The next step from local is to location, by giving the teams missions to complete, around specific locations, putting things onto a virtual map.

For example the Boston Team are:

"highlighting 10 of these amazing locations in a colorful, vibrant, and creative graffiti mural to be unveiled at a massive live event and gathering... which will coincidently be held at their #1 location of their 10 favorites"

This all looks like it's going to be fun!

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