Tuesday, March 02, 2010

OK Go - Embedded video thanks to State Farm

This is the new video from the band OK Go. It's pretty amazing - it takes the simple 'dominos' / 'Cog' idea, but pushes it pretty much as far as it can possibly go. Make sure you watch to the end!

What's also interesting is that it's got a sponsorship credit at the end, to the insurance company State Farm.

OK Go have recently complained that EMI, their record company, have disabled the embedding for their YouTube videos. Disabling the embedding means more money for EMI (YouTube pay royalties on views on YouTube, but not embedded videos), but has cut the number of video views by 90%, so means that OK Go get less exposure.

The deal with State Farm (& I'm amazed at how low-key it is) allows me to embed the video, and I think it's the first time someone's done this.

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