Friday, August 06, 2010

Levi's movie trips on Gowalla

In the area of checkins and badges everyone raves about Foursquare, and it certainly has the most users, but increasingly Gowalla is doing the more interesting things.

The best way to stay up with these are through the Gowalla blog.  For example a couple of weeks ago it announced a promotion with Elements Skateboards where, if you managed to find a Water Bottle badge, you could exchange it for a real one in the Elements store.  Gowalla is also getting involved with politics, enabling people to follow politicians on the campaign trail (presumably some of the only celebs who don't mind being followed).  Lots of really interesting initiatives.

My favourite, though, is this set of movie routes, devised in partnership with Levi's and Alamo Drafthouse.

The films include Dirty Harry (San Francisco), There Will Be Blood (Bakersfield), Rocky (Philadelphia), and this one for Godfather II, in New York.

You need to follow Levi's on Gowalla to see all of the places.  The first 50 people to complete each route get special VIP tickets to the Rolling Roadshow screening of the movie in that city.

So - Foursquare has the users, but Gowalla has the better ideas?  Discuss.

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