Monday, August 02, 2010

Spots vs. Stripes

Spots vs. Stripes is a new initiative from Cadbury.

As part of Cadbury's sponsorship of the the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games they've been holding a competition to create a new pocket game to be played by 2 or more people.

Games have been submitted and the final 10, as picked by the judges are on show here.  The top 2 games will be sent outro 25,000 people to play.

To add extra depth to the campaign there's a Spots Vs Stripes site, and you sign up to play for Spots or Stripes on Facebook.  There is also a series of Spots Vs. Stripes events planned, like this one in London.

Oh - and there's a new ad to support it all too:

Very well done!

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