Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Green Hornet on MythBusters

The Green Hornet film comes out early next year.  It's the latest cult comic book to make the transition to the big screen.

One very clever piece of promotion is this special episode of the Discovery Networks show MythBusters, looking at the 'science' of two of the stunts in the film.

I love this because I think it's the first time MythBusters has actually done something on a film pre-release.  It's a huge cult show, and has previously done specials on James Bond and McGyver, so it's perfect as a way of promoting a film to the target audience.

Also, staying with The Green Hornet, it's interesting to see them using a Tumblr site for their blog, and keeping the Tumblr url - 'tumblr' is clearly cool in 2010!

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