Friday, December 17, 2010

Word Lens - automatic text translation on your mobile

Word Lens from Quest Visual is going to be a game-changing application.

Point your phone at some text, and it automatically translates it into English.  Useful for menus, signs, and so one.  Direct, word-for-word translation only (e.g. "Beach Closed - Recent Attack of Shark") but that's ok for short phrases.

So far it's just for Spanish and English, (& also iPhone only) but I'm guessing other languages will come soon.  Having spent a baffled week in Tokyo a few years ago, I can see that it'll be totally revolutionary.

Update - it seems to have been a successful launch - they've recouped their investment in download sales already


Pablo Edwards said...

This looks like an amazing app, but it only has received a two star rating.

Dan said...

I love it - it's dropped quite a few jaws when I've shown it to people. But... it does apparently have some issues with fonts. I think this is just iTunes users being overly snarky!

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