Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go520 - Mobile ride-sharing

I saw this on Springwise - a commuter in Seattle has set up a real time ride-sharing app, for the 520 highway about to enter a pilot phase.

Drivers with a spare seat register this, and then are linked up in real time with people wanting lifts, who are on the road ahead.

Passengers automatically pay $1 per life, plus $0.20 per mile (so a 5 mile trip costs $2).

We haven't seen all that many apps like this.  A few years ago I read about Otetsudai Networks, a real time temp agency in Japan that found people for casual jobs, based on their current location, but not that much since.  Let's hope that this imaginative idea is the start of a flood of them.

Full info on G0520 here

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