Thursday, March 29, 2012

Item of the month club

A couple of weeks on from the Dollar Shave Club, I saw Me Undies, a new company in Springwise who send you a pair of pants every month.  So far so amusing, and I remember that things like this have happened before, but it could be the the 'item of the month club' idea will soon really start to take off.

Just as it's convenient for contact lenses, it could also be convenient for other things like cosmetics and toiletries - getting someone to have a regular subscription could make ecommerce more viable, since you reduce the cost of sale per item.

Some more examples -

T-Shirts - Lots, including Ohh Deer, Threadless and Shirtify (which selects your band T-shirts based on your listening on services like Spotify)

Luxury & beauty items - including Not Another Bill (which sends you a mystery item every month for £15 a month), GlossyBox (5 miniature cosmetic items each month for £10), and the US version BirchBox

Kids stuff - Toys - 5 toys every 3 months, none battery-powered.  I really like this!

In fact Mashable has a list of 20 of them.


Mike Williams said...

Another example is manpacks: - a delivery service for ALL those men essentials: pants, socks, razors etc.

Both meantioned in this great Quora post about the operational hurdles startups face with these types of ecommerce services.

Dan said...

Ah - manpacks - I was trying to think of that one!

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