Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tipp-Ex Experience 2 - The bear has a birthday

Tipp-Ex have updated their Tippex Experience video from 2010 (A Hunter Kisses A Bear etc) with a new set of videos, launched by this film:

You then get to a page where you can input a year, for example 1901 or 1967 and see how the bear celebrated.

It's lots of fun, but I think it lacks something - for example this time you don't need to guys verbs (kisses, chases, marries etc), instead you just type in different years.

Also, who knows what this is doing for Tipp-Ex...

Enough of my moaning - have a play here.

Update - OK, having played with it for a bit, I take it all back.  It's very creative.  Try 2000, 1969, 1979, 1982, 1945, 0, ...

& there seems to be a list of all the key years here

Update - a case study video

Case study - Tipp-Ex Hunter And Bear's 2012 Birthday Party from Bill Kalagan on Vimeo.

(They only talk about views and shares in the results though - no word on what it's doing for the brand)

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