Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ebenezer Snoop

No, sadly it's not a Snoop Dogg / Shamen mashup (although I'm sure the world can't live long without that); it's a new campaign for my agency's client adidas, showing people the errors of their uncharitable ways though Snoop & Facebook.

This video tells the story - watch out for a few cameos, including David Beckham.

Then go to Facebook to see how much of an Ebenezer you are - how you forgot people's birthdays or didn't respond when they wrote on your wall (sorry everyone...):

& here's the final redemption:


ZenithOptimedia said...

Hi - very disappointed to watch all the video in English and then be directed to a Chinese app that you can't change to English.

Dan said...

Really? It works for me. Are you signed into Facebook? (Are you in China?)

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