Friday, November 23, 2012

Gifts for Geeks

I love Christmas shopping!   Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, I think I'm pretty good at finding unusual & creative gifts for people.  So, here are my picks for Christmas gifts for geeks.

For the science geek:

The Geek Manifesto, by Mark Henderson - a book about why science matters

For the cooking geek:

Ninja Bread Men cookie cutters

For the climate change geek:

Polar ice caps ice molds - set of two - Just don't tell them that you shipped them from Japan...

For the glamorous geek:

Jewellery made from the pattern of your online checkins - upload different checkin locations and make a pattern

For the streetfood geek:

One of these American Hot Dog prints

For the cycling geek:

The Rouleur Bradley Wiggins mug - #Wiggo #PedaltotheMedal

For the camera geek:

A set of 3 camera lens shot glasses - Canon or Nikon

For the LEGO geek:

Have yourself made as a LEGO Minifig - Done to order from photos

For the Instagram geek (1)

Make a bag from your pics - other products also available

For the Instagram geek (2)

Make some fridge magnets from your pics

For the Gaming geek

Some Penguin-style game covers

To be continued!

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