Monday, November 12, 2012

A 3D printing photo booth in Japan

3D printing is (I think) on the cusp of becoming big.  Not mainstream yet, but definitely growing both in terms of interest and actual examples.  Chris Anderson's new book is all about 3D printing, and as the author of both The Long Tail and Free he's very good at spotting trends.

This photo booth has just opened in Tokyo.  It's (a bit) like a normal photo booth, except that you get a 3D mini-me of yourself.  You need to book a session to attend, but it's very cute.

I think that 3D printing will follow a similar adoption path to fax machines; at first it will only be businesses and high street copy shops that will have them, which people will then use on an ad hoc basis, and most people won't feel the need to get one at all.

(If you had one, what would you make?  This article in Wired has lots of good ideas, for example cookie cutters, modelled on children's drawings.  I know lots of people who'd do that.)

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