Monday, September 02, 2013

Using Twitter for data collection

Twitter have just published a short case study on how you can use their 'cards' (the expandable bit in tweets) for data collection (e.g. collecting people's email addresses).

In the example they cite, it couldn't be easier to give the brand, Rock/Creek your email address.  Just expand the brand's tweet, and then click on the Sign Up Now button, and it sends your email address to them.  It would be just as easy on mobile.  (no***@gm***.com is a shortened version of the email address that I use for my Twitter account.)

This is part of a trend to make things simpler and more seamless for users.  You can also see this in Facebook's decision to let brands host promotions on their own pages, and also the things that will be happening around payment.

Imagine if instead of sending your email address you were sending your payment details, to pay for a specific item, like pair of trainers?

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