Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google Integrating Image Results into Web Search?

Here's an odd thing that my colleague Jackie Junker Frandsen noticed a few minutes ago.

Jackie is based in Denmark, and when he did a search for 'Laptop' on he got the usual results, with three image results shown under the top three paid listings (see pic).

I've tried to replicate this from the UK - but all I get is the standard Google results.

We had two theories -

1 - they are the top image results - except that they aren't - they don't appear in the top 5 pages of image results

2 - that they're ads - except that they don't bill themselves as ads, and whle two of them click through to merchant pages, the third goes through to a student's page

On reflection I think that they're examples of image integration - but the images have been chosen by Google - they're not the top results for the page. Which leads me to think that this is an engineering test. Also, this only works on 'laptop' - nothing else we can think of gives any picture results.

For the record the pictures click through to:

A page at University of Michigan &

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