Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google Personalised Homepage Wiped!

Help! About two hours ago I lost all of the content settings on my Google personalised homepage. & while I've tried putting a few back, it keeps suddenly reverting back to the most basic settings.

I know this isn't me, because I've searched and found other bloggers that this has happened to.

It's just so frustrating - about a year's worth of useful rss feeds (on two different tabs) gone - and I can't remember the addresses of some of them.

Come on Google - can you wind the tape back (or whatever) and restore them? Please? Pretty please?

Update - as of this morning it's back, so thanks Google. Made me aware of how reliant I am on this though, and how I need a backup. Netvibes anyone?


Darragh Doyle said...

I'd liek to add my pleas for recovery to yours. Similar to yourself I have years worth of feeds.

I mean I have to go and check my Gmail MANUALLY now!!

Wonder what happened and why they've not told us if they can fix it?

Anonymous said...

yeah, happened to me too. trying to bring them back isn't working either...

Chris HH said...

So I'm not alone! That's some relief, at least. Let's hope they get it sorted soon!

Paul Morriss said...

Happened to me too. At least their blogsearch works so that I could find out I'm not alone!

Steve said...

Happened to mine too... must've rolled back to a version I had 6 months ago or so BUT now.... it's BA-AACK!(as of about 10:30am BST) but my missus is still waiting. Now while I'm grateful for it's return I'm bloody nervous about it going again - can't believe how much I relied on all that info being in one place. OK... so now what's needed is a Google Gadget/Widget which backs up all your homepage feeds/links/tabs! At least I've now backed up my Gmail Inbox... just need a way to get the Sent Items now.

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