Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biggest Battle in History for Night at the Museum 2

This is a pretty involved and complicated game for Night at the Museum 2.

Basically... Pick 3 characters from the film (Octavius, Al Capone, Napoleon Bonaparte etc), then battle against another player's (different) 3 characters. Each character has different attributes, and you move your characters next to the opponents' then attack them. Each game takes about 10 minutes, and you seem to have to attack someone about 3 times before they die.

Two interesting things about it. One, some of the characters can only be used if you have a special code from an on pack promotion. For example Hersheys have the code for Able the space monkey. Two, you can log in through Facebook Connect, and then challenge Facebook friends to a game.

I won my game after 15 rounds.

Full disclosure - Fox is one of my clients, although I'm not involved with this film.

See also - Intro to Facebook Connect

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