Wednesday, April 11, 2007

iPhone Theme for Sony Ericsson M600i

This is very enterprising - and very cheeky!

Update - this is nothing to do with me - if you want one of these then get in touch with the YouTuber directly!

Update - Click on the video to get through to the YouTube movie, then look for a link to the YouTuber's site. Or Google it - but stop posting comments to me!

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Ramesh said...

Hey dude.. thats amazing stuf... I ve been looking for an iphone them for my M600i but havent seen anything as perfect as this... would you mind sharing that theme for me... plz... plz...

MJ, Jugend-HAUSKIRCHE (BGG) Bad Rappenau said...

Hey how can i get in touch with the youtuber? there is no link, neither an email. i loving the iphone theme, i want this! please tell me how to get this!!!!! Thanks, Michael

Anonymous said...

hey great job, please tell me what i have to do to get this
thx dude mestre[at]

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