Monday, June 18, 2007

New Michael Moore film Sicko on Google Video

This link will take you to a full version of the Michael Moore film Sicko on Google Video.

I've no idea how long this will be live, but if it's illegally posted (& Google Video is pretty rigerous at checking that you can post things) it's a great way of getting publicity for the film.

The stuff about the UK - which starts about 55 minutes in - is a lot more convincing in the full movie than in the 3 minute clip I'd seen before. There's also a great interview with Tony Benn about 5 mins into the UK segment.

UPDATE - ok, it was not a stunt - it's now been taken down. For what it's worth its excellent, and goes a bit like this:

MM meets people in the US without health insurance
MM talks about how Hilary Clinton tried to introduce a better healthcare system into the US, but got slagged off by medical professionals saying that this system would not work
MM then goes to Canada, the UK and France and addresses these arguments, showing that the fears are groundless. Great interview with Tony Benn at this point
MM then addresses the issue of the 911 firemen and others who are not covered by health insurance for injuries they picked up
MM takes them to Cuba for treatment
MM says "If we can take great cars from other countries & great wines, why can't we take better ways of running a health service?"

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