Monday, April 14, 2008

3 Mobile USB Dongle

The good people at 3Mobilebuzz kindly sent me a USB Dongle to play with last week.

You may have seen them in the shops, and it's a very cool piece of technology. Essentially the size of an old style iPod Shuffle, and with a little tray for the 3Mobile sim card. Once you've put that together, you connect it to your laptop, and you can use broadband wherever you want.

Living in London it was a minor challenge finding places without free WiFi, but I can confirm that it works very well both on Clapham Common and on the buss going up Oxford Street. Basically it works whereever your phone will work.

3Mobile are doing this as a way of promoting their new half price broadband package. If you use 3Mobile for your phone contract you can get a half price 18 or 24 month mobile broadband package.

Click on the link and read the terms - as I say the mobile broadband dongle is incredibly cool, and if you're a keen out and about user it could be just the offer for you.

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