Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saatchi Online - a Social Network for Artists

I'm currently reading The $12 Million Stuffed Shark, by Don Thompson, a book all about the modern art market. It's very good, and helps to explain the incredibly high prices paid for modern art works.

The chapter about Charles Saatchi is very illuminating, but also led me to the website for the Saatchi Gallery.

Two sections of the site make this a social network for artists:

In the Your Gallery section, artists can create a profile and then upload art for others to see. Visitors can then check out the works, and get in touch with the artists by either email, or chat. About 40 are online as I write.

The Stuart (student art - geddit?) section is for current students, and has the same features as the gallery section.

Elsewhere, for younger artists there's a schools section to allow pupils to upload their work.

& the Showdown section is like a Hot or Not for artwork.

This is an excellent site (I've hardly touched the surface of what you can do), free to use, and a really good place to go to both explore and look for art to buy.

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