Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping 2008 - Here come the Vouchers

One of the recent Christmas trends has been discount shopping vouchers, virally spread. I've just been sent the first vouchers for 2008 Christmas UK in-store shopping. I'll list more as I spot them. But only if they offer decent levels of discount (i.e. nothing less than 25% off).

Threshers - 40% off on wine and champagne, offer ends 2nd December

The Gap - 30% off new collections, inc Gap Kids and Baby Gap, offer ends Sunday 30th November

Carnaby Street - 20% off in all of the shops, on Thursday 27th November 2008 from 5pm until 9pm (it'll be busy)

Pizza Express - Buy one pizza, get one free (inc takeaway), valid until 7th December (you'll need to eat if you're going round the shops)

More as they appear...


Anonymous said...


We’re working with Threshers – check out what this year’s offer could have been, and if you’ve got any suggestions for next year? -


Dan said...

That last link doesn't work - I think that this is the real link:


Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry guys, here's the correct link, cheers for spotting, Dan:



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