Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jonathan Ross reviews Watchmen on twitter

Riding high in the twitter buzz this morning is the movie Watchmen, thanks in large part to Jonathan Ross (Wossy)

He went to last night's premiere in London, and started twittering his thoughts on it at about 9.40 this morning. Jonathan Ross is a huge comics fan, a huge movie fan (& respected reviewer), and has nearly 120,000 followers, so he can certainly be considered an influencer.

What does he think?
"Watchman probably the most faitful adaptation of a comic to the big screen. Ending changed very much for the better."
Great sets, costumes, special effects - Rorshach especially good."
Downside - too long, too reverential, lacks pace and feels a little dull at times. In short - I love it and at same time am unimpressed !"
Opening montage sequence to watchman just brilliant though. Had me grinning from ear to ear."

He also responded to fans' questions - for example:
TheRonster: "
@Wossy Is the problem not that they've tried to make a ponderous GN into an action packed flick by artificially adding action beats?"
Wossy: "
@theronster No. The action beats are exactly as they occur in the novel. The problems lie elsewhere. i'll go into it on Film 2009."
tonycottam: "@Wossy so does it come with a double rating, one for non-comic types (yes they exist!) and one for ultra geeks like me?"
Wossy: "@tonycottam Non comic fans will be a bit confused. Dara O Brian was there and he said a lot of it went over his head."
scaryjones: "@Wossy What was it about the original ending that you thought was weak?"
Wossy: "@scaryjones Didn't think it was weak, just think it's one of those ideas that works in comics that wouldn't work on big screen."

Hats off to @Wossy for some brilliant twittering.

Update: There was also an official Watchmen twitterer tweeting from the red (yellow) carpet.

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