Friday, February 20, 2009

Ten Tracks - Curated Music Downloads

Ten Tracks is a new (ish) service, offering users 10 new tracks to download each month for £10 a year.

I love this idea. There is so much new music around at the moment, but how do you reliably discover new stuff? OK, there's Spotify and the online radio stations, and there's oodles of ways of hearing unsigned bands, but what about good songs that are likely to grow on you over the weeks?

At the moment I buy quite a lot of compilation albums to do just that (I'd particularly recommend Fatboy Slim's selection on the LateNightTales series - a really good, eclectic mix), but I'm now going to subscribe to Ten Tracks as well.

Ten Tracks allows you to download 10 tracks for a pound, choosing between different curated channels each month. For example one is from One Little Indian, one from The Police Box, and so on. Ten Tracks has a mission to properly reward the artists, so the bulk of the money goes to them.

1 comment:

charlie gower said...

I'd heard about it but not tried it. Your recommendation will make me have a longer look...

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