Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Online As It Happens - Nokia lets you create your own widget

I love this new site for Nokia (Full disclosure - it was created by Farfar, which is part of Isobar)

The site lets you create your own visualisation widget, using practically any online feed that you can find.

Select the sort of widget you want to make (comparison, measure or display), then your data source, specific things you are looking for, and then a way of visualising.

So for example this is my widget comparing Furnished and Unfurnished properties in London listed for rent on the site Gumtree. You can see from this that far more furnished properties are offered for rent than unfurnished.

Here's and example of a 'measure' widget - the number of times Nokia is mentioned on Engadget's mobile section

& here's one for 'display' - the bands most chosen on

Make your own here! There's a competition to create the best.


Hari mahardika said...

iam also love widgets from nokia.,and i have a blog to., but i dont know how to put widgets from nokia to my blog.,

can you help me my blog is
thx before

hari mahardika said...

would you help me.,

Dan said...


I don't think that it's very hard. Just copy the code - e.g. as shown on this page:

& then add it to your blog in the 'HTML' setting when you're writing a post.

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