Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teracent - creative optimisation company bought by Google

Two days ago the ever-busy Google confirmed that it will buy another company, Teracent.

Teracent is a specialist ad serving company that automatically optimises different creative treatments to ensure that campaign performance increases as time goes on. Different creatives are rotated to continually assess which ones perform best - the ones that do get more exposure.

It's hardly a new concept (I remember selling this for Bluestreak years ago, using a 'winner stays on' pool game analogy), but let's see how interesting this becomes when it's combined with both Doubleclick's online reach and AdMob's mobile reach.

Creative optimisation is still very powerful if done correctly, and doesn't involve any of the potential data issues that you see with behavioural targeting.

Here's a case study, linked to by Teracent, showing how this worked on a CPO (CPA) campaign for Mercedes.

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